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Li Li obsessed with scientific research, Duxue Min Si, committed to innovation, intoxicated scientific charm; Pharaoh of steel welding interpretation of industrial art, the great craftsman to deserved. However, the talk style, it touches on Liu's life trajectory is more tempting.
Insects and birds called flowers and earth, nature left behind every moment of beauty is the grace of God, Liu walking in the green mountains and rivers, with the camera to record this touching bit, he will frame the beautiful frame for the text And images, leaving the wandering beautiful nostalgia, but also stagnant around the style and style.
There is a documentary on the network called "companion" documentary program is very popular about a pair of adventure couples travel the world experience, full of real people really King, wherever there are quiet and rustic exotic villages, there are thrilling Somalia The Gulf or gunfire in the Middle East town. They go to the ordinary people do not want to go or can not go to the place to see their programs, as if exposure to the rest of the world, while I will feel - after all, not everyone can like them can To meet in the vegetation mountains and rivers, go out and see the world of thousands of weather.

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